Jams and sauces crafts



Since 1976 Ca’ de La Pasina produces extra jam, jams, pates and sauces, as well as the juice “Peach Bellini” (our trademark), the basic ingredient to prepare the famous Long Drink Bellini. Our sauces are ideal for first dishes as well to accompany meat dishes, fish, shellfish, vegetables and greens.

Our production is completed with mayonnaise, mustards and delicious pinkled vegetables for appetizers and side dishes. We carefully select fresh fruits and vegetables at harvest time, personally choosing only the raw material that responds to our yardstick.


Our ability, combined with the wealth of experience gained over the years, gives shape to unique products, which are distinguished by the quality of ingredients and methods of processing, where the human wisdom prevails on the automatism of the machines in each stage of the production process.

Ca’ de La Pasina not use fruits and vegetables dehydrated or concentrated, industrial products, as well as thickening agents, coloring agents, gelling agents, acidifiers, pectin, etc. … This is our philosophy since 1976: the search for raw materials, processed by hand, are able to convey the value and taste of quality that characterize them and make them truly unique.

San Giacomo di Musestrelle is a hamlet of Carbonera, a commune in the marca Trevigiana (province of Treviso).In a watermill which, for the past centuries, has been assigned for the transformation of products offered by nature.
” … a place with two watermill wheels on the river Musestre in Villa of San Giacomo of Musestrel …”

(Estimate of the town of Treviso – 1542)